About Us

We're not just independent like you, we're local like you.

We believe it makes good business sense to get to know our customers. Because the more we know about you, the better we can serve your needs. As we're no stranger to most parts of the UK, we definitely talk your language. We share your concerns too, particularly on how competitive pricing can make or break a business. At Tican Chilled we have succeeded by doing things better. And we believe there's no reason why we can't help our customers do the same.

We're part of the Tican Group, a highly diversified international food business headquartered in Denmark that began exporting high quality meat over 85 years ago. Not unsurprisingly we've learned a lot in that time. Not just about our business but about our customers.

That's why, for instance, unlike other wholesalers we don't supply any catering or food service outlets. So there's no chance that we're ever going to be competing with you. Our strength is buying better. And passing that advantage over to our customers by providing the right quality product at the right price, leaving you the margins you need to reinvest and build your business.