Supply Chain

A traceable supply chain from farm to fork is your most valuable asset.

A commitment to ethical provenance might be a mouthful. But however you describe it, it’s the secret of success for butchers and wholesalers alike. Humane, safe and careful handling from farm to production, from loading to transportation and unloading pays dividends in animal welfare, carcass quality and product superiority on the consumer’s plate.

At Tican Chilled we are committed to best quality from raw material to finished product. Our farmers and producers supply animals of a high and uniform standard. Highly qualified staff work with the latest and most efficient techical equipment to ensure cuts and special products reach unremittingly high standards. What sets Tican apart is a fully integrated system that boasts some of the tightest controls in the industry. It’s these rigid standards that guarantee everything is fresh, wholesome, tender, flavourful and most significantly, safe.