Why chose Tican?

I'm happy with my present wholesaler. So why should I change?"

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is a familiar catchphrase. And that’s the catch. Businesses from sole traders to multinationals are constantly driven to find better, easier, more productive ways to compete. If they don't, they soon fall prey to competition. So even the most traditional businesses must keep pace with progress.

Naturally you’re confident that your business is run the right way. But you’ll be the first to acknowledge that you’re as open to new ideas as you are faithful to tradition. We share your philosophy. That's why we’re convinced we can help you improve your whole business process. Because our commitment to research keeps us right on the industry’s cutting edge. Our high standards consistently exceed benchmarked hygiene and health requirements. Our processing facilities are ultra-modern. And our distribution process makes life so much easier with one local sales contact, one order point and one delivery.