Enjoyed in Britain for over 150 years has been with the first recorded shipment of Danish Bacon arrived on our shores in 1847.

The word ‘Danish’ and the famous Danish ‘sizzle’ mark have been synonymous with great-tasting bacon since Danish bacon was first advertised on commercial television when it launched in 1955.

Today's demand for Danish bacon and pork products is underpinned by its high quality production within the unique co-operative system where Danish farmers also own the abattoirs and factories processing their pigs for the marketplace. This integrated production chain has pioneered many initiatives to assure the safety of Danish meat such as the programme to control salmonella and eliminate the unnecessary use of veterinary medicines on the farm.

Perfectly placed to meet the growing demand for fully traceable, ethically and sustainably produced meat, Danish farmers can even document their ability to produce a bacon rasher or pork chop for around half the carbon footprint of 30 years ago.