New Tican Chilled Logo

New Tican Chilled Logo

15th Apr 2014

Strengthening the Tican brand.

As part of our ongoing strategy we have decided to update the Tican logo so that in future it can serve as our corporate logo as well as our product brand. When having a logo which can also serve as a product brand we can achieve synergies, increase our visibility and strengthen the positioning of Tican.

By enclosing the Tican name and the knives in an oval, the logo becomes more complete, more visible, and better scalable.

We have changed the "t" in the Tican name to a capital "T", signifying our pride in the company and our heritage. We have kept the knives as part of the logo as a symbol of our craftsmanship and tradition. The knives in the new form, however, come across as more dynamic and modern.

The blue colour is unchanged, conveying the values of professionalism, quality and food safety. The red colour is also the same, indicating the warmth, responsiveness and straightforwardness of Tican.

The new logo will gradually be implemented.

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