Tican Chilled Celebrates Outstanding Achievements in Butchery at Butcher's Shop of the Year Awards 2023

In an afternoon filled with anticipation and excitement, Tican Chilled recently and proudly sponsored the highly anticipated Butcher's Shop of the Year Awards 2023. The event brought together the best in UK butchery, meat enthusiasts, and esteemed judges to recognise the excellence in this field.

We seized the opportunity to support and acknowledge the remarkable achievements of butchers across the nation. As a trusted butchery supplier of high-quality meat products, we understand the dedication and craftsmanship required to excel in the industry.

Amongst the finalists, the competition was fierce, with talented butchers from all corners of the country vying for prestigious titles. Bestowed upon the highest scoring competitor across all categories was McCaskie’s Butcher and Café who were declared winner of the Butcher's Shop of the Year award.  A family-owned butcher shop with a long-standing reputation for excellence. This coveted title acknowledges their commitment to delivering top-notch products, outstanding customer service, and innovative approaches within the industry.

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that Dales Traditional Butchers took home the trophy for Champion of Champions with their Pork & Caramel Sausage. This prestigious accolade recognises Dales Traditional Butchers exceptional craftsmanship, superior techniques, and unwavering dedication to butchery.

The award ceremony also provided an opportunity to witness the emergence of the next generation of talented butchers. It was truly inspiring to see the young butchers be recognised for their skills and passion for the craft. Their dedication and enthusiasm demonstrated a promising future for the industry, ensuring its continued growth and success.

In addition to celebrating the achievements of the winners, Tican Chilled was delighted to see some of its valued customers recognised for their excellence. Essington Farm Shop, Edwards of Conwy, and Bates of Atherstone, all loyal customers of Tican Chilled, were among the notable winners at the awards. This recognition further reinforces the exceptional quality and commitment to craftsmanship that these butcher shops uphold.

We are elated to have witnessed the exceptional skills on display and the fierce competition and would like to congratulate all winners for their outstanding achievements. You can find the complete list of winners and finalists by visiting: Butcher's Shop of the Year 2023 Winners

The ceremony served as a testament to the passion, expertise, and talent that exist within the butchery industry. Tican Chilled remains committed to supporting the advancement and recognition of this invaluable craft and we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of all those involved.